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Saskatchewan Pulse

The word “pulse” refers to the family of legume crops, including red lentils, green lentils and peas.
Saskatchewan is the heart of the Canadian pulse industry, harvesting more than 95% of Canada’s lentil crop, 90% of the chickpea crop and 70% of the dry pea crop. Saskatchewan also produces significant amounts of dry beans, as well as some fava beans and soy beans.
In the past two decades, the province of Saskatchewan has built its pulse sector into the biggest in the world. It is the largest exporter of lentils and dried peas and a significant producer of chick peas. Saskatchewan is recognized worldwide for the quality of its crops. In recent years agri-value companies have stepped in to make significant investments into further processing these crops.

Whole Green Peas

Green Split Peas

Whole Yellow Peas

Yellow Split Peas

Marrowfat Peas

Maple Peas