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From Canadian black land to Chinese table

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Canadian Greenfieldsagriculture takes root in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is known as the “City in the Sky” and is Canada’s bread basket. After years of hard work, Greenfieldsagriculture has established an extensive network and many local partners in Saskatchewan. We own tens of thousands of acres of black land in the most fertile black land in Canada. Our philosophy is “healthy soil produces healthy food, and healthy food brings health to the body”, and strive to make every product the ultimate, traceable throughout. At present, we have successfully integrated the supply chain and value chain, and basically realized the brand appeal of “from the black land of Canada at 52 degrees north latitude to the Chinese table”, and brought the high-quality healthy food of Saskatchewan to the Chinese table. All our products are subject to double-layer supervision by the Canadian Inspection and Quarantine Agency CFIA and the China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Greenfieldsagriculture has achieved numerous accolades, including:

  • Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay recommended Prairie Bliess health food;
  • Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe recommended Prairie Bliess health food;
  • Approved by the Chinese and Canadian governments at the same time as one of the few Canadian wild rice exporters;
  • The export volume of wild rice ranks among the top in the Chinese market;
  • The largest beekeeping company in Saskatchewan and the only partner in the Chinese market of Hannigan Honey, a three-generation honey family with a history of 78 years;
  • STEP member of Saskatchewan Export Association;
  • Member of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce;
  • China Development Bank BDC and Imperial Bank CIBC support exporting businesses.

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