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Prairie Bliss: Pure natural White honey No. 1 from three generations of honey in Sky City, Canada

Hannigan Honey is CFIA and USFDA approved. From small jars of smooth, creamy white honey, to container loads of  honey in drums, you will partake of the quality and professionalism first established by Albert Hannigan in 1940. 

Hannigan Honey has been producing fine Canadian honey since 1940. Our honey is naturally processed to preserve its vitamin and mineral content, amazing white colour and wonderfully mild flavour.

We’re based in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, a community nestled on the edge of the Canadian wilderness. It’s a spectacular landscape of vast, rolling fields of canola, clover and alfalfa. Here, our 5,000-plus beehives are rated as the healthiest and most productive among our peers. 

Mild, silky, smooth – Hannigan Honey.


Our unprocessed honey is extracted without excess heat, producing a world-class product full of natural nutrients and antioxidants. 

Science & Passion

Beekeeping is a blend of science and passion. Our team of apiarists not only know bees, we love bees. This combination of competence and pride has driven Hannigan Honey to a position of prominence on the Canadian honey scene. 

Albert Hannigan learned early that the best honey requires careful handling and processing. He knew that too much heat would damage the honey, so he kept the warm rooms and extracting temperatures at natural beehive levels. He taught us well. 

From the hive to the honey gate, our honey never exceeds the temperature of the beehive. This preserves the vitamin and mineral content, the natural volatiles and aroma, the amazing white colour and, of course, the wonderfully mild flavour of Hannigan Honey.

CFIA and USFDA Approved

Our industry-leading extraction facility is the centrepiece of Hannigan Honey’s production infrastructure. Its clean flow lines and superior hygienic performance are state of the art, and our presentation of bulk honey is flawless in our new Canadian-manufactured food-grade drums. Our management team regularly inspects and maintains the workings of our plant providing detailed records to ensure the best results in product and performance. 

This quality control meets the strict regulation necessary for approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). Our plant sets top standards for cleanliness and compliance in Western Canada’s massive honey producing region. Following sales agreements, shipping containers are securely loaded by our experienced team of specialists, meeting our international buyer’s highest expectations. .

The Secret to Canadian Honey

The average honey yield per hive in Canada is twice the world’s average, thanks in part to our northern climate. Our summers are short, but summer days are long, condensing the window of opportunity for survival. For beehives, this results in scant overwintering populations of 15,000 bees per hive. Then, when spring arrives, the hive population explodes—reaching up to 80,000 bees per hive in as little as two months. Such massive bee numbers lead to uniquely spectacular honey production. 

Our first beehive in 1940, was the inception of a beekeeping legacy. Hannigan Honey has continued to flourish and exceed the standards expected of a world class honey company.

Prairie Bliss is created by Canada’s Greenfieldsagriculture Corporation in partnership with Hannigan Honey. The high quality honey produced by Hannigan Honey Farm is no longer exclusive to the United States, Japan and Canada, but available in the Chinese market. Greenland Agriculture is the only partner of Hannigan Honey Farm in China. Prairie Bliss honey is exclusively distributed by Xiamen Prairie Health Food Co., LTD., a member of Greenfieldsggriculture Group. To buy Prairie Bliss honey, please look for the Prairie Bliss trademark.